With a modern fleet of helicopters with a wide variety of performance features, we are always ready to take off and offer the ideal aircraft for every task. And that means: We always fly at the ideal price-performance ratio!


Our VIP machine of the type AS350, also called Ecureuil, is produced by the Eurocopter company in France and has an 847 HP turbine. The comfort provided by the spacious cabin is in no way inferior to the elegant, high-quality design. This helicopter has a reputation as one of the most reliable machines and can carry up to 5 passengers.

Engine: Turbomeca Arriel 1D

Max. Engine power: 847 HP

Fuel: 540l JET A1

Max. Take-off weight with external load: 2,800 kg

Range: 680 km

Cruising speed: 270 km / h

Max. Speed: 287 km / h

Seats: 1 pilot + 5 pax

   Agusta Westland AW109 


Total length: 13.04 m12.96 m

Hull length: 11.45 m11.56 m

Rotor diameter: 11.00 m10.83 m

Height: 3.50 m3.44 m

Empty weight: 1,576 kg 1,660 kg

Maximum take-off weight: 2,850 kg3,175 kg

Top speed: 285 km / h

Service ceiling: 5,974 m

Climb rate: 9.80 m / s 9.30 m / s

Crew: 1–2 crew and 7–6 passengers

Starting power: 2 × 423 kW or 2 × 426 kW2 × 426 kW

Continuous power: k. A.2 × 426 kW